Main Router

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Main Router
Status Active
Local IP
OS MikroTik RouterOS 6.40.8


 Status is
PXE ServerActive


MicroTik RB2011UiAS-IN


ether7 is plugged into our main switch.

ether8 is plugged into FDX's network, and is our internet connection. The hacklab /29 ( gets thrown at us through this.

There is also a virtual interface, aaisp, which is an L2TP tunnel to A&A. The public IP is

NAT table:

IP Port/Protocol Dest Host Dest Port Service 53 (tcp+udp) Tennant 5300 Authoritative DNS 80 Tabris 80 Web Service (HTTP) 443 Tabris 443 Web Service (HTTPS) 25 Tabris 25 Mail Service (IMAP) 143 Tabris 143 Mail Service (SMTP) 465 Tabris 143 Mail Service (SMTP) 22 Tabris 22 Shell Service