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MinIO is an object storage server with an S3-compatible API.

We run it in single-node single-disk mode, although we're not actually at risk of losing data since that disk is RAIDed.

You can access the console at, and the actual API at

Users are only able to create and use buckets that start with <username>-, ie jdoe-test

OAuth broken?

If MinIO can't contact the OAuth server when it boots up, it will silently disable that login option -_-

First, check the logs:

$ k logs -n minio deploy/minio
MinIO Object Storage Server
Copyright: 2015-2023 MinIO, Inc.
License: GNU AGPLv3 <>
Version: RELEASE.2023-11-01T01-57-10Z (go1.21.3 linux/amd64)

Status:         1 Online, 0 Offline.

Warning: The standard parity is set to 0. This can lead to data loss.

Time: 15:40:16 UTC 11/01/2023
DeploymentID: 0bb4acc6-cd19-41b9-83c1-6b81c3072d88
Error: Unable to initialize OpenID: Get "": dial tcp: lookup i/o timeout (*fmt.wrapError)
       5: internal/logger/logger.go:258:logger.LogIf()
       4: cmd/iam.go:225:cmd.(*IAMSys).Init()
       3: cmd/server-main.go:789:cmd.serverMain.func15.1()
       2: cmd/server-main.go:434:cmd.bootstrapTrace()
       1: cmd/server-main.go:788:cmd.serverMain.func15()

If this is the case, make sure keycloak is all good, and restart it:

$ k rollout restart -n minio deploy/minio
deployment.apps/minio restarted
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