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Welcome to Tardis!

If you're reading this, you probably just got an account, and are wondering where to go first.

Firstly, change your password! You can do this by logging in to the command line, but you should also check out the Tardis Console.

You'll use the same password for all of our services, on the web or over SSH. When using the web, most of the services you're logging into will have a Username/Password form, but then a button underneath saying 'Sign in with Tardis' or 'Sign in with Keycloak' - use this button when it exists, or it won't work.

Now that you have the basics done, here's some ideas for where to go next:

We also have some other services that we haven't really documented yet, or are just meant for regular use:

If you have any problems, or there's anything you want to do but you don't have permissions, come talk to us.

Our issue board might also have some ideas.

Lastly, feel free to contribute anything you notice back to this wiki to help everyone else!

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