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What happened to my pre-2020 account?

In late 2021, the university asked us to make a number of changes that we felt would have made the original goals of the project unachievable. Despite working with them for months, we were unable to come to an agreement and so are no longer a part of the University of Edinburgh.

This means that we are no longer able to use the domain, and the associated IP block.

All users with an account at this time were contacted, and for around a year we ran a legacy mail-server to receive mail as users migrated from the domain. We also requested that all reachable links on that domain were archived by the wayback machine, and made downloads of home directories available on request.

We have since rebuilt our systems from the ground up to offer much of the same services, and we continue to offer services to alumni, although we have reset the user database and now use as our main domain, with user pages hosted on *

TL;DR - You'll need to re-apply. If you need copies of old data, you can ask an admin, but we may not have it.

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