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Tardis has moved.

The Tardis Project has moved to a new location outside of the university and is being rebuilt.

With the exception of email, the web service and the wiki, all Tardis services are unavailable until they are rebuilt over the coming months. Backups have been taken, so you will still be able to access your data. We will follow up shortly with the details of how.

The email service will continue running on a temporary and receive-only basis to allow users time to migrate to their new accounts. Please start moving any external accounts from your existing Tardis email address ( now. Homepages will continue running on a read-only basis. If you need something removed or changed before we get the new systems up and running, please contact us.

The Tardis Project is a computing facility, run and maintained by students (and staff!) of The University of Edinburgh. It was one of the first such projects of its kind, founded in 1988 by the School of Informatics (previously Department of Computer Science). Tardis provides services to members of the University, such as web hosting and mail access.

One of the Tardis Project's main aims is to allow students at the university to be involved in running a large computing system, and learn the experience required to design, build and maintain such a system.

Our wiki is in need of some love. ❤️
Some of the information here is likely to be incorrect or out of date, but remains for reference. We're on IRC if you need some help, and are working on getting this back up to date.

Get Involved

Accounts are open to all students and staff, for more information, please see the account applications page, or contact us with any queries you may have. You may also choose to seek the Tardis Beginner Tutorials.

More about the Tardis Project and its purpose can be found in The Tardis Charter.

We regularly have meetings on Monday evenings. All are welcome and we would especially like to meet anyone who want accounts or are interested in the project—even if you're new to the university!

If you would like to chat to existing Tardis users, please visit the chat rooms mentioned in the "Community" section!

Popular Services

Current Events

Here is a list of current changes, major problems and developments going on in Tardis.

If you would like to help us with or you would like to learn about how we are doing any of the above projects please get in touch via Discord or IRC.



20 March 2022

  • Moved rack and servers to new location in Summerhall.

25 February 2022

  • Shut down all servers running in Appleton Tower.
  • Wiki and homepages now running on Tabris.

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