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This machine was bought in around 2000 (I'll get the original date later, I still have the original receipt somewhere). It was hosted initially by ednet (now lumison) in a rack in their assembly street datacentre, whilst I was being employed by them. Having left ednet in (date), it was moved to Caladan where it became the main hosting machine for projectcolo. After growing more and more unhappy with Caladan's service, and following the stagnation of projectcolo, the machine was moved up to Scolocate where it was hosted by Sowood And Co Ltd (date). There it continued to run the same setup it previously had, but running as a UML instance. The disks were replaced at this point as the previous disks had started showing signs of age (occasional IDE resets).

The system was replaced Jan 2006 with a Supermicro which could cope far better with the load from the number of UML instances. The UML instances were also slowly replaced with XEN instances for improved performance.

The system has been surprisingly stable throughout its lifetime for a budget system. Various other broadberry systems purchased by edNET at the same time suffered faults, mainly due to dying fans or hard disks. It has never locked up due to a hardware failure to my knowledge.

This system was the main node for the imaginarynet irc network since 2000.

I'll clean these notes/placeholders up later

One link broadberry server

Two x 200GB disks Western Digital WD2000BB-22GUC0 (WD2000) 7200 RPM 8GB cache These will still have a 3 year warranty. I think they may be from silicon group. I'll dig out the receipt later and file it in case it is needed.

Max 512MB Ram is installed on the system (1 PC133 DIMM)

Motherboard is an i810 based D815EEA Onboard NIC cannot be used due to driver bugs - Intel won't release specs to fix. If run on a 100mbps network, the system will hang.

Dual ethernet card on PCI bus

Fans are in a bad way, but they system does work. They should be replaced if possible. CPU fan blows up (no shit) through a grate at the top. Machine will still function with this covered.