Who am I

From TARDIS Project

Standards for who-am-i files

  • Every normal Tardis machine should have two who-am-i files in it's /root directory. They should be readable by all but writeable only by root.
  • who-am-i, a plaintext file, With the hostname in caps and a brief human readable description of what the box does. e.g.:

I think I'm a Xen host...?
Maybe just because I'm a benevolent computer.
  • Also, a who-am-i.json file should be included, with the following attributes:
"name":String, lower case
"hosts":Sting, human readable
"box":String, human readable
"ram":Integer, in MB
"vm":Boolean [true/false]
"vm-host":String, lower case / null if not a VM

e.g for Vortis:

"hosts":"SSH Gateway",
"box":"domU on WOTAN",