IRC Service

From TARDIS Project

Tardis runs a server as part of the ImaginaryNet IRC network. The server's address is (TLS) (works inside tardis but not outside) - (TLS) points to the IRC networks round-robin (works outside tardis but not inside).

If you really must connect to Tardis IRChost from the outside world, connect to (TLS) - other ports (incl. both plaintext ports) are prohibited by the firewall.

A guide for users on how to connect to the network can be found here.


Tardis admins encouraged to not add themselves as opers without the consent of the other network admins.

Current Tardis opers:


The server runs a specialised fork of IRCd-ratbox (mostly TLS patches), which is checked out of a git repository and then compiled and installed. Ask the IRCops in #imaginary for assistance if you ever need to reconfigure IRChost.

IRChost is currently hosted on Karn and peers directly with the other servers