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This page is for historical interest only and may be out of date.

Tardis Open Day Sunday 3rd December Room 1501 - JCMB, Kings Buildings

About Tardis

Tardis is a computing service run by students of the university. It runs from machines stored in the School of Informatics in the James Clerk Maxwell Building. Details of what tardis runs and the systems which tardis runs can be found it.

Any student?? can become a member of Tardis. No prior experience is required, but interest in working with computing systems is advised. If you are interested, come along to the open day and see how you can get involved.

Day Plan

Planned activity for the day includes:

       - Installing new services in our newly-created Xen virtual machines
       - Setting up a new machine to act as firewall/router for Tardis
       - Examining the state of our Sun Enterprise 4000 Server
       - Creating a mailing list server for Tardis
       - Setting up a news blog for Tardis

For more information regarding the project - and the services we provide - please visit our website at We hope to see you on Sunday!