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This page is for historical interest only and may be out of date.

Things that should be achieved.



Some weekend other than that of the 21st, or there will be no seth, as he is going home for the weekend.


.... kev will deliver the server to the JCMB at some point on the weekend (so make sure it's a weekend that kev is free).

Install New Server

  • Partition and install OS
    • Partition sizes?
    • Filesystem? Increasing the amount of inodes (i.e., files) for partitions holding mail might be a good idea. The current mail partition is nearly out of inodes. Assuming we continue using ext3, turn on the dir_index option so that large directories (hopefully including maildirs) will be faster.
  • Configure
    • LDAP :( (Possibly not needed; the current fileserver doesn't bother)
    • NFS
  • Copy data off dalek
    • Shutdown everything first or let it break? (ps, A)
    • Pull disk, or network copy? (ps, A again)
      • Probably the best solution would be to use rsync -a to copy files with both systems running in parallel. Following that, a second rsync to deal with differences from when the first rsync started. Finally, take dalek's NFS mounts offline and rsync again. The new system should now be ready to put in place.
  • Change NFS mounts on all the systems, or just call the new machine dalek as well.

Are the NFS mounts by IP, hostname, or cname? check me plzkthx

  • iirc if stuff is in by hostname, it's also in /etc/hosts. Some stuff might be using 192.* addresses though. Sweet sweet VLAN confusion/slacking. --Bung 15:58, 18 January 2006 (GMT)

Move bigger disks to davros

  • blah
  • lol
  • etc

Let kev have his wicked way with brigadier

We can even get a xen page :)

Book some rooms!

This is rather important. If tardis doesn't get regular meetings/tutorials on the go, no new students will join the project. Everyone currently active in tardis is reaching their final years of university. Ex users and admins can help out by running tutorial sessions, providing rooms are booked.

Moar things!