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This page is for historical interest only and may be out of date.
Subject: An introduction to the Tardis project and real-world systems administration
The Tardis project would like to invite all students to our first talk of 2008/2009: An 
introduction to the Tardis project and real-world systems administration.  The talk will 
be given by Steven Hill, a Tardis veteran, who is now a professional systems administrator 
with n years experience (for sufficiently large values of n).  It will include a brief
introduction to the Tardis project, its  history and current goals.  Steve will then talk about
systems administration and how Tardis can help get you a job.

Date: Monday 24 November 2008
Time: 1900
Location: Teviot Terrace Bar (on the mezzanine floor near Costa)

The Tardis Project is a computing facility, run and maintained by students of the University 
of Edinburgh. It was one of the first such projects of its kind, founded in 1987 by the School 
of Informatics (previously Department of Computer Science) and is still held in high regard. 
Tardis provides services to members of the University and EUSA societies, such as web hosting 
and mail access.  Application forms will be available so that you can sign up for a Tardis 
account after the talk.  

For more information, please visit us on the web or chat to us on IRC: