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This page is for historical interest only and may be out of date.

This page contains a few links that were helpful when trying to boot Mantis Broken.

Particularly helpful: [1]

Squeeze kept hanging when booting, but managed to boot successfully using the wheezy netboot image.

Outline notes:

  • Need TFTP and RARP server to boot from.
  • Map the sunfire box's MAC address to an IP using /etc/ethers
  • The sunfire box will look for a file with it's IP as a hex value in TFTP root, so symlink it to a boot image.
  • Start up the sunfire box, and wait for boot: prompt. Type halt before disk boot begins.
  • At ok: prompt, type boot net. The box will reset then attempt to contact the boot server. If all is fine, a bunch of hex will appear in the console, and update as it receives the image. (if you get "Waiting for RARP packet" owtte, check the RARP daemon is setup properly, and that the server has an ip address)