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[Jabber] is an open instant messaging system. Our Jabber service allows you to chat in real time with other Jabber users, including those on other Jabber-based services such as [Google Talk].

Registering an account

To get an account log into one of the shell servers, run jabber-reg and give the password you wish your account to have when prompted. Due to the way the authentication works it would be preferable (but not essential) for the password to be different from the one for your Tardis login. You can also use jabber-reg to reset your password. Your Jabber ID will be the same as your email address, that is

Clients and connecting to the server

A variety of Jabber clients are available, a selection can be found through ['s list]. [Gaim], [Psi] and Apple's iChat are popular clients. If your client requires you to explicitly state the server name, use Most clients should discover it automatically, though.

Note that the server always insists on encryption (using SSL or TLS) to ensure some protection for passwords during login. Again, most clients handle this automatically, but if not you may have to turn it on in your client's options.

Other services

A gateway to the local IRC server is available. It appears as a group chat on with the rooms named as channel%irchost, without a leading #. For example, to join the Tardis IRC channel I would join

A Jabber multiuser chat service is available on Only Tardis users can create rooms on it, but any Jabber user should be able to use them once created.

Further Information

General information on Jabber can be found on [the Jabber Software Foundation's site]. The standardised parts of the protocol are called the Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) which has it's [own website].

The server used on Tardis is [ejabberd], an XMPP-compliant server written in Erlang.

The original experimental Jabber domain is still present as a virtual host on the new server. This means that it should work as before, but people with experi accounts can also register for a plain account in addition to your experi one.