Tardis Beginner Tutorials

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AKA "So You Got A Shell Account"

These tutorials are intended for the beginner Tardis user who has had little / no prior experience with unix or linux. These documents will therefore begin with the most basic of basics, and start by teaching you to use the Bash shell and navigating the filesystem. If you already have experience with *nix and want to know the answer to a specific questions feel free to skip to the specific part you're interested in, as these tutorials also explain tardis-specific things that you will need to know even if you already know your way around a linux system. Also, check out this FAQ Below are links to the different tutorials, someone using tardis for the first time should follow them from the beginning in order.

If you need anything clarified or I've made a mistake in this document feel free to email rain at tardis dot ed dot ac dot uk or find slowriot on irc in #tardis.