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This page is for historical interest only and may be out of date.

To use Tardis' vlan switch, you must "telnet" from davison (the router) and login with the username 'manager'.

You probably won't need the switch for anything other than adding and removing machines from vlans, so...

 Menu options: --------------3Com SuperStack II Switch 1100--------------
  bridge             - Administer bridging/VLANS
  ethernet           - Administer Ethernet ports
  feature            - Administer system features
  ip                 - Administer IP
  logout             - Logout of the Command Line Interface
  snmp               - Administer SNMP
  system             - Administer system-level functions

Hitting 'b'

 Menu options: --------------3Com SuperStack II Switch 1100--------------
  agingTime          - Set the bridge address aging time
  display            - Display bridge information
  multicastFiltering - Administer multicast filtering
  port               - Administer bridge ports
  stpForwardDelay    - Set the bridge Spanning Tree forward delay
  stpHelloTime       - Set the bridge Spanning Tree hello timer
  stpMaxAge          - Set the bridge Spanning Tree maximum age
  stpPriority        - Set the Spanning Tree bridge Priority
  stpState           - Enable/Disable Spanning Tree on a bridge
  vlan               - Administer VLANs

and then 'v'

 Menu options: --------------3Com SuperStack II Switch 1100--------------
  addPort            - Add a port to a VLAN
  create             - Create a VLAN
  delete             - Delete a VLAN
  detail             - Display detail information
  modify             - Modify a VLAN
  removePort         - Remove a port from a VLAN
  summary            - Display summary information

brings you to the vlan menu. From here things are pretty obvious, 'sum all' lists descriptions of our current vlans, 'det ' then details which physical ports on the switch are enabled for that vlanID.

Other useful stuff on the switch includes various stat functions under 'ethernet' in the main menu, and 'password' and 'reset' under 'system' in the main menu.

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