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Hi, I'm David Coles (dcoles).

About Me

I'm currently a 5th year Software Engineering/Discrete Maths student who was on Exchange from The University of Melbourne, Australia. I'm usually pretty easy to spot since I'm one of the few people with an Australian accent. Unfortunately I'm no longer at the University (or even in the right hemisphere!) but I still hang around on IRC (though at slightly odd hours). Just leave me a message or drop an email!

Whilst in Edinburgh I mostly studied INF-3 and INF-4 subjects in the School of Informatics including taking part in the System Design Project (You can see our project site here). My interests are in computer networking, Linux system administration, programming and computer graphics. I also play some Piano and Trombone and had some involvement with teching for Bedlam Theater.

I am also one of the Tardis Admins.

I'll be back in Edinburgh at some point!


  • IPv6 Support - Setup and looking after the configuration
  • Moving over pages into the Wiki
  • Writing of IRC/Jabber Bot
  • General system administration work


You can email me at (just whack on my username to the front) or can generally find me lurking on #tardis on ImaginaryNET.

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