Restart Issues

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Things which break when tardis restarts....


A bunch of the machines are not set to autoboot. We should fix this, but until we do, log into davison, and...

telnet spiderport <n>

where N is the last octet of the ip of the machine. Hit enter, and if you get an ok prompt, type boot to start the machine up. See the spiderport page for the line configurations.

Affected Machines

  • mccoy (For good reason, best to wait until LDAP and NFS are up before booting)
  • peri (For no good reason, it's just DB)
  • davros (Should wait for LDAP before booting)
  • reaper (No good reason, other than being a bit broken generally)
  • Others?


If the Spiderport powercycles, it will probably send a break to all the machines. Repeat the above procedure for all the machines, except type go instead of boot at the ok prompt.

Temporary Fix

If the spiderport sends a break to davison, you'll be locked out and unable to fix it. You need crossover a laptop into its network port and resume davison:

  laptop# ifconfig eth0 netmask
  laptop# telnet 1
  Connected to
  Escape character is '^]'.
  --- TARDIS SpiderPort ---

Hit enter to see if you get an ok> prompt, then type go, and press enter a few more times. Should get you back to a login prompt (or not). <ctrl+]> then quit at the telnet> prompt will get you out of telnet.

NFS mounts

Wait for everything to come up, and

sudo mount -a

on mccoy and gallifrey.


From a cold boot, the firewall defaults to 'safe' mode, ie it does not route for the rest of tardis. You need to log in from the outside (sshd on port 2222) and run the firewall script, as follows:

Login to davison (as root), run /root/tardis-firewall. You have 2 minutes to test that everything is ok, ie, you can login remotely, and then atrm <jobid>, as sugggested.


If the outside network isn't working on startup, we potentially don't advertise our routes to the rest of the world (eg traceroute to router.tardis works, but davison.tardis gets lost somewhere in London). Restarting davison seems to fix this, but there's probably an easier way.


The clock on piper drifts quickly when the machine is off, and ntpd will refuse to resychronise unless the time is set manually with /etc/init.d/ntpdate start.