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This page is for historical interest only and may be out of date.

(Also see Jay's nice Tardis lab announce message.)

We're planning a small workshop-type event to let anyone interested find out about Tardis, meet some of the people currently involved in running it and give people a chance at some hands-on work with help close at hand.

There's no need to have a Tardis account in advance. We will be happy to sort out accounts on the day.

Some existing projects we might work on:

  • moving services on to the xen system
  • setting up the new firewall / router machine
  • overhaul the firewall scripts
  • sort out ssh.reaper (a Solaris login host)
  • update packagetools
  • make lists.tardis on a xen host or solaris container
  • set up a Tardis news blog and mailing list
  • Fix wiki urls as per [1]
  • 13:44 < bacam> And we should replace sl with an animated dalek.
  • ...
  • other things people will add here

You might also start something new; set up a web application, try out new tools and make them available to others, ... We will also be happy to help people learn general system adminstration skills and show how our existing systems and services are set up.

We intend to hold the lab on the Sunday the 3rd of December from 1pm onwards in JCMB at King's Buildings. Holding the lab in JCMB gives us access to the hardware.

Coffee will be provided, of course.


A list of people who intend to come. Feel free to add yourself (if you don't have an account on the wiki then mail me,, and I'll update this page), or just turn up on the day.

  • bacam. Particularly interested in getting the new firewall going and moving services to Xen. Might do some Debian packaging of piperlog if I get bored. Happy to help out with anything else.
  • Pert: also interested in working on the new firewall, Xen and getting the new switch ready for the new firewall. Also happy to help out with anything else.
  • Jay: Will probably have a poke around with Xen, maybe installing Mono to see how badly it performs. Might also do some reaper stuff if there are any good ideas kicking about, or at least see if there's any way it's situation could be improved. Could also show off (and/or document ;)) some of the Dynamic Reconfiguration stuff on reaper.
  • Bung: Will probably pace a bit, have an awesome idea, forget to write it down, and then demand it's about time we went to the pub.
  • Riot: Will bring a hipflask.
13:24 < joe> bacam: ah, should be fine for the saturday, not sure about sunday
13:26 < joe> actually I may be fine for the sunday


If you have any questions about Tardis, you can mail support@tardis or join the #tardis channel on If you have a Jabber instant messaging client, you could also try contacting