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This page is for historical interest only and may be out of date.

The Tardis Project rack will be moving from it's current home in the JCMB to a temporary new home in Forrest Hill on Wednesday 2nd July. This will obviously entail some downtime, and we're using the opportunities to make some changes to our setup. We expect to be shutting down the rack on the evening of Tuesday July 1st, and do not expect to be running again until some time on Thursday July 3rd at the earliest

Machine changes

Shell Host (Gallifrey), our main shell host ( is being decommissioned, to be replaced by Vortis (, a virtual host on a much faster machine (WOTAN). Vortis is currently accessible via the alias, but after the move, will be changed to point to this machine. This will involve changing the ssh host-key, so expect warnings when you try to connect for the first time. We believe we've cloned the required parts of the software setup from Gallifrey onto Vortis, but if you find any packages you need are not installed then please contact Tardis support.

Mail Host (Mccoy), our mail host, is also being decommissioned and replaced by a virtual host, The mail setup from mccoy has been replicated as closely as possible on the new host, bar an upgrade to Debian Etch, and the new host is already handling our incoming mail.

During the downtime, any incoming mail will be queued offsite and delivered when we are back up.

We have opted to switch from Courier to Dovecot to handle IMAP and POP3 email services. We have enabled (and now require) the use of SSL connections to connect to these services - you will need to change the configuration of your local mail client. POP3/SSL is on port 995, IMAP/SSL is on port 993.

Additionally, please ensure you are using the correct host aliases for the mail server, and, respectively.

IMAP Users

Because we have switched to Dovecot there may be changes in your visible folder layout. In certain mail clients, folders underneath INBOX in your folder hierarchy may not be visible unless you explicitly subscribe to them.

Web Server (Davros), our user webserver is being decommissioned, and user web pages will now be served by Mara. This change should not be user visible.

Database Server (Peri), our MySQL and PostgreSQL server is being decommissioned and replaced by a virtual host Again, this change should not be user visible if you have used the host alias when specifying your database connections. If your database connections point explicitly at Peri, they will need to be changed.

Questions for the admins...

  • Are we going to make the old host names aliases for the new ones, or drop them altogether to catch any misconfigurations?

Things to do in FH

  • Replace Internet cable.
  • Fix switch configuration. -- Done
  • Set up serial consoles. -- Done
  • Install trogdor. -- Done
  • Figure out what's wrong with davros and skaro. -- Davros is OK (was in the wrong switch port). Looks like I've been useless and not plugged Skaro into the switch!

Other things to do

  • Finish web configuration on mara.