Admin lists

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This page is out of date and needs rewriting.
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There are a number of administration-related lists relevant to Tardis.


  • sysmans is the main list for discussing administration of Tardis. New and removed account notices are also sent here. All admins should be subscribed.
  • sysmans-logs receives log summaries. (There is also an altlogs address, created when new summarising software was introduced. Currently these get the same mail.)
  • postfix-logs receives summaries of mail activity. These are also sent to sysmans-logs.

These lists are handled by the /etc/aliases file on the mail server. (Note that any lists created in this way should also have a owner-<list name> alias to send any bounces to.)

There is also an allusers list handled by the normal mailing list manager.

External Tardis

Should talk about assistants and timelords lists here, but haven't yet.

External Edinburgh lists

The University have some useful lists:

  • edlan-announce provides alerts about EdLAN and JANET outages. These are also available on the web and the university's news server, for details see the EUCS NSD mailing lists page.
  • mail-managers is a list for mail system adminstrators from across UK academia.

Platform specific lists (like sunmans) might be interesting to some.